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Ghana Youth Integrity Campaign
Accra / Greater Accra / Ghana
Address: nima highway close to the central mosque +233 Accra / Greater Accra / Ghana Ghana
Services provided:
Human rights
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Alternative development
posted by Ghana Youth Integrity Campaign on 2019-05-17 11:37:26
*NEW DRUG ABUSE DISCOVERY.* This is to enlighten on the new and current menace of drug abuse by youths Due to the effort and intervention of the law enforcement agency to minimize the act, the normal drugs being addicted to by these youths are now scarce. As a result of this development, the youths have resorted to taking Tom Tom toffee desolving it in Lacasera drink. This mixture has higher effect of intoxication than real hard drugs or alcohol. They also put maggi glutamate in juices; this produces the same effect as hard drugs. So, any time you find Maggi or Tom Tom in your childen's room, please take action. The worst thing is that it cannot be detected by drug screening tests or urine toxicological devices.
posted by Ghana Youth Integrity Campaign on 2019-05-03 20:33:52
School-based drug abuse youth and prevent This is a menace that must be addressed during the early childhood of a kid in preschool. At this stage, kids will benefit from learning how to curb aggression, communicate in an effective way, and solve issues for them to be able to avoid drug abuse later in life. Once the kids are in the middle and high school levels, they should allow learning how to deal with peer pressure, communication, attentiveness, drug resistance skills and developing anti-drug attitudes. However, these programs can be repeated more often to attain better success. Community-based drug abuse prevention programs The majority of communities in Ghana have played a vital role in the fight of this menace and hence they have created a huge impact in the prevention of drug misuse. Some have even gone a step further to implement drug abuse policy to ensure that its youths don’t engulf in this
posted by Ghana Youth Integrity Campaign on 2019-05-03 20:30:27
Causes of drug abuse among teenagers in Ghana A recent study conducted by the Mission of Hope Society which is a health non-government agency based in Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana shows that there is an alarming rate at which teenagers are engulfed in the use of narcotics and excessive alcohol intake. In most cases their reason for attempting to engulf their lives to drugs are associated with stress and pressure they experienced in some stages of life. On top of that, the causes in teenagers are rooted much deeper.
posted by Ghana Youth Integrity Campaign on 2019-05-03 20:29:03
Drug abuse and addiction at the time of it's start never seems as though it will became an enslaving activity. The majority of individuals who are recreational drug addicts like cocaine heroin and marijuana began consuming the narcotics on experimental grounds. Unfortunately, many people who experiment with these harmful narcotics in Ghana do so during their teenage years. When doing these experiments on drugs, many people don’t contemplate that they will develop addiction and in most cases, end up becoming addicts. There are many reasons why someone will start using drugs such that they will take them to fit in their peers, others will use them to help them improve their energy and athletic performance. Others will use them as a way to fight depression and deal with extreme feelings of anxiety.
posted by Ghana Youth Integrity Campaign on 2019-05-03 20:26:34
Some individuals can use recreational and prescription drugs in Ghana without being addicted. However, those who began using drugs will become emotionally and dependent on them. However, causes of drug abuse will vary depending on a person and the extent of the addiction. Note that the extent of an individual’s vulnerability to his or her addiction will depend on various factors such as societal environment, their physical and mental health and their genes. The moment an individual is addicted to drug use; he/she will require professional assistance and support to fight the addiction.
posted by Ghana Youth Integrity Campaign on 2019-04-29 20:46:30
Tramadol has been linked to terrorism of Boko Haram fighters and other terror groups operating in Sahel Region of West Africa. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has said Tramadol pills have been found on Boko Haram fighters killed in combat and suicide bombers. Apparently, the tablet injects them with an unquenchable zeal to fight and estranged careless fear of death. This is how is wrecking our youth in Africa”,
posted by Ghana Youth Integrity Campaign on 2019-04-22 21:31:43
posted by Ghana Youth Integrity Campaign on 2019-04-22 20:21:13
Ghana Youth Integrity Campaign