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Grupo de Mujeres de la Argentina - Foro de VIH Mujeres y Familia
Grupo de Mujeres de la Argentina y FAMILIA
Buenos Aires / Buenos Aires F.D. / Argentina
Description: Grupo de Mujeres de Argentina - Foro de VIH Mujeres y Familia (GMAF), an organization with Special Consultative Status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and registered with the OAS, is made up of health, legal, etc. professionals. . , as well as groups of families in situations of social disability and patients; that seeks the non-criminalization of people who cultivate, use and possess cannabis for personal non-profit use and destined for medicinal purposes, Grupo de Mujeres de la Argentina – Foro de VIH Mujeres y Familia (GMAF), organización con Status Consultivo Especial en el Consejo Económico Social (ECOSOC) de Naciones Unidas e inscrita en la OEA, está conformada por profesionales de la salud, legal, etc, como así también grupos de familias en situación de vulnerabilidad social y pacientes, que busca la no criminalización de las personas que hacen cultivo, uso y posesión del cannabis para uso personal no lucrativo y destinados a fines medicinales.
Address: Piedras 1174 - Planta Baja - E 1070 Buenos Aires / Buenos Aires F.D. / Argentina Argentina
Services provided:
Criminal justice
Harm reduction
Human rights
Services required:
Criminal justice
Harm reduction
Human rights
Activist - Procurator - Human Rights Defender
Annelene Sillet
Dr. Mario Land
Les informamos que el 25 de junio a las 4:00 PM Se realizará audiencia ante la Comisión Interamericana sobre el caso 13541 - "Elizabeth Canelo Cataños y familia Vs. Estado Argentino (FONDO), más información en Informe de Admisibilidad 1/18 - Petición 137/17.

Un caso donde se produjo una muerte dudosa en una celda de aislamiento en una prisión de mujeres Unidad 8 de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, donde no se ha cumplido la atención, tratamiento de una mujer que estaba antes de ser privada de libertad con un seguimiento médico. drogado. Además, el estado en una demora de indemnización en la jurisdicción civil para su hija se justifica que el monto no es igual a otros, es porque ella no era una persona que trabajaba y además con problemas de salud.

we inform you that on June 25 at 4:00 PM a hearing will be held before the Inter-American Commission on case 13541 - "Elizabeth Canelo Catano and family v. Argentine State (FONDO), more information in Admissibility report 1/18 - Petition 137/17 .

A case where there was a doubtful death in an isolation cell in a women's prison Unit 8 of the Province of Buenos Aires, where the care has not been fulfilled, treatment of a woman who was before being deprived of her liberty with a medical follow-up on drugs. In addition, the state in a delay of compensation in the civil jurisdiction for her daughter is justified that the amount is not equal to others, it is because she was not a person who worked and also with health problems.

We present the document that we have presented at the 64 CND event
Family Physician, Master in International Public Health, Expert

University in Emergencies and Emergencies, University Expert in Drugs, Addictions, Alcoholism and Drug Addiction. Dedicated to researching through international and national studies on cannabis, for a little over 5 years he has started treating patients with medical cannabis, collaborating with associations

cannabis and patients with different ailments from anxiety-depression, pain to cancer. Co-founder of the Cannabio-medicinal and Addictions Association La Aldeílla, Currently, he shares his work in Public Health Institutions together with the Vita Sante Medical Center with the aim of accompanying, treating and rehabilitating patients in need of the use of Medicinal Cannabis for your mental and physical well-being.

I am GMAF President and Legal Representative of GMAF, woman, activist, attorney attorney and Human Rights Defender ;. Since 1998 I began to make visible the reality of the places of confinement, first talking about what was happening there and gradually showing that the internal norm of many States made many people live a double sentence - that of the law and health in these places of confinement.

She trained me on International Law - Human Rights and on the reality of groups in social vulnerability, such as women - gender, sexual diversity, HIV-AIDS, prevention of torture, arbitrary detentions and detentions, mothers with babies in confinement.

My activism led me to participate in international events of the UN, OAS, and as organizations that today we articulate actions in a network, today training me in English to be able to take the voice of the reality of what is lived to international spaces and thus generate new proposals on public policies necessary for the global community.

“There was never any wording that was spoken to this one way or another, and it’s something we’ll have to address as we see something coming from the federal or provincial levels," he said.

He said the city is hesitant to put any new bylaws into place now, as both consultations and guidelines from the province regarding the management of marijuana are starting later this fall.

“It’s very difficult for municipalities to put out any current zoning info one way or another without having a full breadth of what the legislative changes will be," he said.

Kristen Calis is a reporter with Metroland Media Group’s Durham Region Division. She can be reached at . Follow on Twitter and Facebook


Tiara also believes regulations — ones that consider the needs of all involved — are needed for the successful operation of vaping lounges.

She said she's shared her plans for opening up the lounge with Durham police officers, and has told her local councillors.

Durham Regional Police Const. George Tudos said if the shop were selling marijuana, it would definitely be illegal.

“There’s so many different things that we would have to look into,” he said. “It would be something that would be under our radar, making sure it’s not in contravention of the law. We want to make sure everyone is working within the parameters of the law.”

Kyle Bentley, Pickering’s director of city development and chief building official, said at the time, there is no wording within the city’s zoning bylaws that specifically address permissible uses associated with cannabis.


McLean is skeptical whether the lounge will even be able to operate, and believes the city has to start working on regulations surrounding marijuana.

He said if marijuana becomes legalized as planned, “(a vapour lounge) should be licensed, it should be regulated, it should be in designated areas where it could operate."

He does not believe the lounge suits a plaza, especially in a neighbourhood with families living nearby.

“I have to be the bearer of the bad news for them, but even if it was legal, I’d have a real issue with it," he said. "Even if you want to equate it to a liquor-licensed establishment, there’s regulations on them.”


Marijuana is supposed to be legal in Canada as of next July. Since 2015, medical marijuana users can smoke in many spaces where smoking cigarettes is otherwise banned.

“Medical marijuana you can smoke almost anywhere,” said Tiara. “Still, it’s very frowned upon. From Oshawa to Pickering, there are a lot of medical marijuana patients who have nowhere to go.”

“We’re really trying to follow the law to the best of our ability,” she said.

But it's a difficult area, one on which many seem unclear, as medical marijuana users can light up just about anywhere in Ontario, and legalization legislation is coming down the pipe.

To McLean, the bottom line is smoking weed is not legal in Canada at this time, and he does not feel the lounge is appropriate.

“I think it’s more of a social thing, as opposed to a medicine thing,” he said of the lounge.


Tiara is a medical marijuana user for insomnia and anxiety, as well as lower back pain from a snowboarding fall she can't shake.

“At the end of the day, it’s extremely beneficial for so many different things,” she said.

Annelene is a physiotherapist, and believes in a healthy, holistic lifestyle.

The couple recently met a woman who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She was interested in consuming medical marijuana, but didn’t want to consume it around her children.

“This place is for people exactly like her,” said Annelene, co-CEO.

Tiara said it’s also for those who cannot smoke in areas that do not allow smoking — a condo building perhaps — and don’t want to smoke out on the street.


“As much as I know they’re going to run a tight ship, outside those doors who knows what’s going to happen here?” said Ward 2 Regional Councillor Bill McLean.

He had asked city staff at an executive committee meeting to look into regulating such establishments.

Tiara, a University of Toronto graduate, spent her entire years at school focusing on cannabis and legislation. She found there were many lounges in Toronto, which they would visit, and noted they only know of one vape lounge in Durham, which is no longer in operation. It seemed to have operated under the radar.

“We wanted to take a different approach,” said Tiara, the company’s CEO. “We didn’t want that sketchy vibe that often goes along with cannabis.”


The lounge will allow people to smoke from a pricey vape — specifically, Volcano vaporizers — which the couple said is one of the healthiest methods of cannabis consumption. Members can also rent bongs and pipes if they prefer.

Air purifiers will help clear the air. Cannabis merchandise such as bongs, pipes, and grinders, as well as snacks and refreshments, will also be for sale.

But there will be no cannabis sold on the premises. Visitors have to bring their own, must be 19 or older and cannot drink alcohol on site.

While the Sillets encourage people with medical marijuana licenses to consume the drug on the premises, they will not be checking these licenses at the door.

While the couple insists many locals, including nearby business owners, seem to be on board, at least one person has a problem with the establishment.


Pickering vape lounge will allow members to smoke pot in relaxing environment

Holistic vape lounge Natural Budz opening its doors on Oct. 21

By Kristen Calis

Pickering News Advertiser

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

PICKERING — A Pickering couple has high hopes for the opening of their holistic vape lounge that allows marijuana users to smoke cannabis in a comfortable environment.

Tiara Sillet, born and raised in Pickering, and her wife, Annelene Sillet, are holding the grand opening of Natural Budz on Saturday, Oct. 21 from noon to midnight, when people can get in for free.

The Krosno Boulevard business will offer daily, weekly and monthly memberships, which include entry to the lounge plus the use of vaporizers. Cannabis meditation sessions will take place Friday afternoons.


Como ONG seguimos en miras de lograr la no criminalización de las personas que hacen cultivo, uso y posesión del cannabis para uso personal no lucrativo y destinados a fines medicinales, puesto su finalidad es mejorar la calidad de vida de muchas personas y de ellos/as mismos/as desde una medicina alternativa, que hoy se encuentra negada y obstaculizada por sectores de poder y corporaciones que su único interés en su rédito económico y no lograr una mejor situación de vida para la población. As NGOs, we continue to achieve the non-criminalization of people who cultivate, use and possess cannabis for personal non-profit use and destined for medicinal purposes, since its purpose is to improve the quality of life of many people and of them or themselves from an alternative medicine, which today is denied and hindered by sectors of power and corporations that their only interest in their economic revenue and not achieving a better life situation for the population.
La ONG GMAF intervino en la 63 reunión de la Comisión de Drogas Narcóticas CND para defender los derechos de las personas que usan y autocultivan Cannabi. Nuestra representante de la Unión Europea Sra. Dorina Trinkel y el Dr. Mario Land, integrante de la OCC quien colabora como adviser de GMAF , presentaron informe de los Estados de Argentina, Canadá y España. (realidad Unión Europea). Seguimos en miras de finalizar con la criminalización de las personas que hacen cultivo,uso y posesión del cannabis para uso personal no lucrativo y destinados a fines medicinales. The NGO Grupo de Mujeres de Argentina, GMAF intervened at the 63rd meeting of the CND Narcotic Drugs Commission to defend the rights of people who use and self-cultivate Cannabi. Our representative from the European Union, Mrs. Dorina Trinkel and Dr. Mario Land, member of the OCC who collaborates as a GMAF adviser, presented a report from the States of Argentina, Canada and Spain. (European Union reality).
Grupo de Mujeres de la Argentina - Foro de VIH Mujeres y Familia
GMAF is a leading institution in the fight for the Human Rights of people in confinement / post-confinement situations, as best corresponds to law. The institution since it was formed (2002), has been formed with the main objective of convening, accompanying, advising, representing the Groups, People and Institutions that work and are committed to the life situation of people deprived of liberty, people from the GLTTTB community in confinement, People living with HIV, family members, in order to provide substantive solutions for what we consider the social sector with the highest vulnerability index. made up of psychologists, social workers, lawyers, attorneys, in all these years they have given a response and support to this proposal to be able to show what really happens in the running of the bulls. We are concerned about the violence that exists in society and in the system, which makes us carry out prevention in the most vulnerable groups such as young people and families marginalized by the same system.
GMAF has collaborated with the Organization of Argentina, with international organizations and has been a member of the UNAIDS Monitoring Team, project "PAF for drugs and prisons", participated in the book on Good Prison Practices of the IACHR, gave its contribution to reports on and UPR from international organizations. Because our organization is made up of activists, families and people who know about harm reduction and so it is within the framework of the "HUMAN RIGHTS DEFENDER".
Grupo de Mujeres de la Argentina - GMAF sigue solicitando a los Estados y organismos internacionales, el compromiso de lograr una respuesta desde las Políticas Públicas, para que las personas con problemas de salud puedan tener tratamientos alternativos no invasivos de los medicamentos tradicionales, donde algunas veces estos laboratorios son corporaciones que lamentablemente muchas personas en situación de vulnerabilidad social, no llegan a tener esa medicina, y por el otro lado las contraindicaciones del medicamento hace que el cuerpo humano tenga secuelas post- tratamiento.