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New Line Social Organization
Mazar-e Sharif
Description: Anti-drug - Anti-corruption
Address: Ahmad Shah Massoud Sayed Abad street, block of S. Ferdos, 4th Floor, House (4) af Mazar-e Sharif Afghanistan
Services provided:
Criminal justice
Services required:
Areas of interest:
The most important activities of the organization
- Anti-drug- Anti-corruption- Education and training- Lawsuit- Public Awareness- Workshops- Seminars- Research- human rights- Anti-discrimination- Disability Support- Youth
- Readiness to reduce drug addiction- Readiness to reduce corruption- Readiness to support education- Preparation for Disability Support- Readiness to support youth- Preparation workshop held- Preparations for the holding of seminars- Preparation for research- Ready to support the human rights of children
posted by New Line Social Organization on 2020-07-29 08:09:08
We are active here You can share your views and opinions with us.
posted by New Line Social Organization on 2020-06-29 23:53:48
Celebrating the 26th of June International Anti-Narcotics Day in Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan Image browsing,And collecting drug addicts from the city
posted by New Line Social Organization on 2020-06-25 17:11:51
posted by New Line Social Organization on 2020-04-27 10:58:30
In the cities of Afghanistan, no one observes quarantine or social distance, and the Afghan government and local governments do not pay attention to the situation. Most likely, the coronavirus will cause a human catastrophe that cannot be controlled. We call on human rights defenders and international organizations to help the people of Afghanistan prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
posted by New Line Social Organization on 2020-04-06 07:30:48
The coronavirus in Afghanistan has shut down many social services. And the government's focus on health care is focused on potential patients with coronavirus. The most vulnerable citizens of Afghanistan, who are addicted to drugs, was forgettied; we hope that they will not forget their duties towards them!
posted by New Line Social Organization on 2019-12-02 09:14:58
Our organization organized a conference on combating religious extremism in three parts. The Role of Extremism in Strict Laws Against the People The Role of Extremism in Video, Audio and Print Media The role of extremism in university textbooks; religious schools and schools The Role of Extremism in Promoting and Spreading Mosque by Mullahs
posted by New Line Social Organization on 2019-11-20 13:18:33
We will soon be holding a conference on the role of extremism in drug development Those interested in attending the conference are kindly requested to email us.
posted by New Line Social Organization on 2019-11-13 13:19:45
Now, the national unity government has spent much of the financial, humanitarian, and consumer spending on counter-narcotics spending, according to the latest decision to integrate the Ministry of Drug Enforcement into the Ministry of Internal Affairs and reduce drug police; Poppy has dropped out of the fight against cultivating poppy fields by at least two bureaucrats. Author / Qader Mesbah Head of the NLSO
posted by New Line Social Organization on 2019-11-13 13:13:35
According to local estimates, the net crop of drugs is 7 to 15 kg per acre of land, which is 35 to 105 kg per hectare. The economic value of one acre of land to the peasant on the farm is estimated at between 50 dollars to 8 dollars U.S. Now a potential opium crop in the country of between two and three tons in the north and south is said to have entered the reserves, with a monetary value sufficient to put the country's economic cycle in the hands of wicked mafia-based organizations and terrorist groups. And for years, without foreign funding, it has fought the Afghan government. The reasons that the economic value of opium per kilo of Afghan local market per kilo has been reduced to 50 dollars to 80 dollars, the injection of industrial drugs into the market and its promotion among citizens by the organized drug mafia, are cited.
posted by New Line Social Organization on 2019-11-13 13:11:00
The Americans claimed to have spent $ 9 billion to combat drug trafficking, but the huge cost of counter-narcotics in Afghanistan has not had a direct effect but has been exacerbated by growing and spreading it. Interior Ministry spokesman Nusrat Rahimi declined to comment on the cigarette report, claiming it had done the most in the past year against the security and drug crimes of the security forces and the government. But according to the latest reports and estimates of international institutions, peasants in Afghanistan planted more than two hundred and one hectares of poppy in one year and three hundred twenty-eight thousand hectares of poppy in the year. In recent years, a farmer in Helmand has said that the only enemy of poppy in his fields is the disease and vegetable pests that make him less productive than in previous years. He added that government forces in Helmand and other areas linked to even one acre of land They have not been destroyed either.
posted by New Line Social Organization on 2019-11-05 10:36:26
Our organization implemented a program called Social Monitoring of Drug Abuse in Mazar-e-Sharif by a committee of anti-drug activists. The committee worked with addiction treatment and treatment hospitals to assess mental health problems and return to families of drug users.
posted by New Line Social Organization on 1970-01-01 01:33:36
Sed Dui Vitae Rutrum Blandit Arcu Quam Vestibulum Senectus Neque Dignissim Fusce Lacinia
posted by New Line Social Organization on 1970-01-01 01:33:36
Justo Imperdiet Diam Arcu Fermentum Tincidunt Rhoncus Diam Cras Semper Tempor Fermentum Vel Sit Libero Fusce Justo Lacinia Phasellus Enim Ultrices Nulla Tortor Netus Lacus Non Quam Vestibulum Gravida Ornare Sem Sollicitudin Nam Condimentum Diam Arcu Scelerisque Ligula Consequat Risus Curae Netus Tellus Malesuada Turpis Scelerisque Ligula Posuere Faucibus Efficitur Tristique Est Malesuada Tortor Luctus Bibendum Eget Lacus Orci Amet Interdum Lacus Molestie Malesuada Faucibus Morbi Laoreet Blandit Egestas Ornare Eleifend Ante Sapien Habitant Metus Vehicula Fames At Porttitor Pellentesque Accumsan Purus Iaculis Tincidunt Habitant
posted by New Line Social Organization on 1970-01-01 01:33:36
Curae Maximus Rutrum Ultricies Pharetra Neque Vitae Faucibus Commodo Efficitur Donec Curae Aenean Ultricies Volutpat Porttitor Proin Dictum Nullam Et Nulla Faucibus Volutpat Augue Massa Ultrices Bibendum
posted by New Line Social Organization on 1970-01-01 01:33:36
Proin Nunc Dui Commodo Cubilia Vestibulum Faucibus Sodales Sed Dui Suscipit Scelerisque Magna Non Malesuada Arcu Netus Dolor Interdum Interdum Imperdiet In Ornare Egestas Enim Praesent At Consequat Lorem Luctus Arcu Molestie Dui Quam Lectus Enim Massa Mi Sem Aenean Morbi Morbi Libero Quisque Bibendum Sit Fringilla Dapibus Lacinia Placerat Metus Pharetra