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Aid Organization
Barisal / Barisal / Bangladesh
Address: Street: Jaifia Plaza, Battala, Nabagram Road, City: Barisal, Country: Bangladesh Street: Jaifia Plaza, Battala, Nabagram Road, City: Barisal, Country: Bangladesh 8200 Barisal / Barisal / Bangladesh Bangladesh
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Human rights
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Aid Organization
Aid Organization is a non-Governmental, non-political, non-profitable benevolent, voluntary Social & Social economic development organization. AID Organization, founded in 1997 the organization was established by a group of dedicated and committed to deliver professional services in order to bring positive Changes in the lives of disadvantage helpless people with sustainable livelihood development, disadvantage youth development training, de safe environment, preservation of human rights, young women leadership development training, reproductive health, water, sanitation, hygiene, disaster risk reduction, energy development, adaptation to climate change affects, women and child rights, education and healthcare .
posted by Aid Organization on 2020-08-31 07:06:34
we are really busy on supporting our people to fight back over COVID-19. We have a lot of beneficiaries in the southern part of Bangladesh, especially on the mercylands on WASH program. The number of women and children among them are huge. There is a huge chance of spreading this virus in mass lavel in these areas, and it is already began. People are getting infected. And situation is getting worse for women and children. We really think that it is very much important to make sure that WASH program is taking place, for peoples safety. As the health facilities are not good enough there. These people neither have education, nor awareness on this. Most of the time, they depend on government relief to bear their livelihood. Situation is getting worse when even doctors are getting infected and died by serving them.