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Association for Protecting Population from Drug and Opium
Ulan Bator
Description: The APPDO is a voluntary, independent and non-governmental organization, which operates with the goal of protecting health, educating population of Mongolia and conducting different activities within the framework of caring for public rights and social well being.
Address: Bayangol duureg 16r khoroo Baruda center 211 16040 Ulan Bator Mongolia
Services provided:
Harm reduction
Services required:
Areas of interest:
To prevent children and youth from the use of drug and opium, and conduct a habit-changing training among the children, youth and women who have been already addicted to drug and opium in order to free them from their harmful habits.
Training class, advertising, hand out information, flyers, well being emotional attitude, psychological to aim people live healthy without bad habits such as alcohol, tobacco and drug
Six students, who study in Mongolian National University's social workers class, had a two weeks practical study and work at APPDO office on drug topic on November, 2020.
Mongolian University of Science Technology hosted training "Tobacco health and finance harm, and prevention" to students in 6 Nov. 2020 during university campaign "Keep clean air, No smoking".

APPDO trainers participated to the lecture.

Social Media and TV organizations, Live HD, Gobi HD and TV 2 interviewed with us by brief of drug condition and abuse in Mongolia on October-November 2020.
APPDO implemented a sub-project "Drug user indication and emergency action" capacity training for 160 specialist of education institutions and for 140 doctors of ambulance on October-November 2020.

The project granted by Crime Prevention Committee (CCCP), Ministry of Justice.

APPDO was active to announce World Drug Day 2020 to public and media, because to increase public awareness and drug prevention on June, 26th 2020. - Interview "Today and Tomorrow Mongolia on drug abuse " at TV5 media and Mongolian National Broadcasting MNB - Interview "Drug is not for public, even young age and teenagers" on Eagle TV - Meeting with project staffs/managers of Ministry of Health for young age education on drug prevention.
APPDO was a team member to prepare 2 manual books (A5 size, 110 pages) on drug prevention and drug user indication for police staffs and social workers. Training organized to 500 police staffs and 300 social workers by the manual books in 6th June - 6th December, 2019 by administration Secretariat of Coordination Council for Crime Prevention (SCCCP), Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs (MOJHA), Mongolia.
The Ministry of Law organized the training-workshop to international border controls organizations for World Drug Day 2019 on June 26th in Zamiin-Uud, Umnugobi, Selenge, Orkhon and Ulaanbaatar. APPDO was partner on professional advisory committee of this training and support by brochures and publications.
Eagle TV organized "Debate on What is a Drug" for the World Drug Day 2019 on June 26th, with participants of famous traveler Mr. Amai, mental health educator Mrs. Nasantsengel, National Police research head Mr. Davaakhuu, Public Health trainer Mrs. Maitsetseg and APPDO head Mrs. Lkhagvasuren.
Press conference "Health for Justice, Justice for Health" organized for World Drug Day 2019 by National Center for Public Health in Ministry of Health on June 25th 2019. APPDO invited to this annual event to share 20 years report of the organization.
APPDO was main participant to the Mongolian National Broadcasting (MNB) program "Situation and Discussion on Drug in Mongolia" on June 26th 2019, including National Police, National Center for Public Health, National Mental Health center, Harm reduction network center and Mongolian Customs.
APPDO and National Center for Public Health (NCPH) organized "Drug abuse and Harm reduction" training 50 workers and staffs of NOMADS Logistic center on June 27th, 2019. The NOMADS Logistic center is main network of restaurant and food delivery.
Training for Police staffs on recognition of drug users The training center of Mongolian Police and the APPDO organized scheduled monthly training to improve police staffs knowledge on detection or recognition of drug users. The recognition training organized to 40 police staffs by 2 groups in 23th and 25th of May, 2019.
Training for Secondary school health teachers Ulaanbaatar City Education agency and the APPDO organized training to 40 teachers of secondary school health teachers in 17th May, 2019. Starting 2019-2020 academic year, the Ministry of Education applied to update curriculum by health education including 4 hours lesson of drug prevention.
20th Anniversary of the APPDO, Mongolia Association for Protecting Population from Drug and Opium (APPDO) established on April, 1999 by initiative Dr. prof. Lkhagvasuren Sharav and board 5 members. Mrs. Lkhagvasuren decided to start this organization in 1998 by her meeting in a girl and talking her story of drug usage in the train trip. In 13th May 2019, the APPDO organized 20th anniversary meeting with delegations from human right NGOs and Harm reduction network center, to share 20 years brief report and exhibition of activities in Naranbileg building, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Welcome to contact with us and to share your experience!
APPDO NGO was a partner to celebrate the World AIDS Day by theme “Know your status” to next organizations, Ulaanbaatar Public Library, Harm reduction network center NGO, Mongolian University of Life Science's Veterinary Medicine School and Mongolian National University of Medical Science's Medicine School in 30Nov-1Dec, 2018. We presented presentations "Facts and prevention of AIDS/HIV" and "HIV rapid test" to 390 students and young people, also 94 participants had the HIV rapid test. And distributed 530 condoms.
Dr. Lkhagvasuren participated to team work on research of AIDS/HIV/Hepatit B,C in injection drug 250 users on June-October, 2018. She improved her experience on team work, learned coupon-driven investigation.
Interview and Talks on TV and Social Media 17 September, 2018 by Eagle Broadcasting TV - Open Discussion Program on 'Drug situation and prevention in Mongolia' Participants: Mongolia Police, Customs of Mongolia, Mental Health Center, Ministry of Education and APPDO 15 October, 2018 TV8 television - Yariltsah tsag talk show "Teenager's prevention of drug abuse" 5 November, 2018 Parliament TV - Guur talk show "Prevention standard"
12 September and 11 October 2018. Police Training center. The Department of Crime Prevention of Mongolian Police organized the training for police staffs, and we was one of the speakers. Our NGO presented main topics of understanding drug abuse, today's situation in Mongolia and prevention ways to 80 participants.
World Drug Day Report
World Drug Day Report
APPDO NGO is organizing the campaign 'Never Drug' for high school teenagers and university students in May31-June26th, 2018. We want to reach 1000 participants by 14 times lecture "Drug Harm" on cooperation with school and university administration.
The Ulaanbaatar Public Library hosted and organized the public lecture and display for the World No Tobacco Day 2018. Our APPDO NGO is invited to this public event and focused on the impact tobacco has on the cardiovascular health and method to escape from smoking. The result was, 5 participants contacted to our organization, they promoted to escape from smoking. Since 1999, we has been a partner and organizer for the World No Tobacco Day.
Office of the President of Mongolia organized the discussion "Positive attitude and Development" in 10th of April, 2018 in the Citizen's Hall. There was 7 speakers, including APPDO executive director Sh.Lkhagvasuren, Dr. Prof., and about 60 participants invited from 96 universities. Source in Mongolian:
We, APPDO and Dornogobi province Governor organized training of trainers "Prevention from drug and opium harms" to 15 social and health workers from schools in Sainshand and ZamiinUud sums of Dornogobi province in March 16-18th 2018.
We, APPDO and Selenge province Governor organized training of trainers "Prevention from drug and opium harms" to 40 social workers from schools in Selenge province in January 26-29th 2018.
This project is sponsored by Global Foundation in 2015-2017