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Centre de Recherche sur l'Anti-Corruption
Bukavu / South Kivu / Democratic Republic of Congo
Description: CERC is an independent organization dedicated to stopping corruption by building integrity. We believe in the power and potential of youth to create solutions to some of the most pressing challenges of our time. Driven by this belief, our mission is to support youth to create positive change towards a more accountable, open, inclusive, corruption free society. We do this by providing skills development, capacity building and technical supports. .
Address: 17 Avenue Kasavubu Quartier Labotte, Communue d'Ibanda 00000 Bukavu / South Kivu / Democratic Republic of Congo Democratic Republic of Congo
Services provided:
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Areas of interest:
CERC trains citizens to monitor the delivery of public services in education, health and the implementation of infrastructure projects in their own communities and demand from services providers and decision makers to become accountable.
Commmunity Participation
CERC facilitates communities to have access to information in order for them to be able to participate effectively in governance and hold their leaders to account.
Capacity Building
CERC partners with government and civil society to build knowledge and skills that build integrity culture. We strive to make a tangible, positive difference to integrity building.
CERC conducts research and analytical studies on corruption and develops anti-corruption strategies suitable to civil society and government.
Executive Director