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Anti-Drugs Society,
New Delhi
Description: On the very first day when this society came into existence, a few things were crystal clear in my mind about how this society is going to work and what difference I wish to see in the reality of this world evoked by this society. This society is all about mission statement and standing strong on what is said in it. Being the only Anti-Drugs Society at a university level in of North India and one of the few in whole of India, I knew that it is going to be no walk on the cake for me to establish this society because there were no models of established society to be followed. Connections had to be made from scratch, members were to be selected and people to be made aware of its existence by its work and word of mouth. The very reason for the existence of this society is in its name ?Anti-Drugs Society?. This world has already got so many problems to deal with ranging from pollution to wars to terrorism and what not. It just filled me with tension that amidst so many big problems there are also problems like drug abuse. Sure this problem was not much to be worried about in the past but with the passage of time it has spread its wings far and wide into every corner of all the countries in this world. Mahatma Gandhi once said and I quote ?be the change you wish to see in this world? hence the making of this society. As a completely functioning body, our mission is to reach out to all those youngsters who are soon destined to make not-so-tough decision of taking drugs. We want to reach out to all these people and make them aware about how drugs can completely spoil their life in every way possible and finally end there long seen dreams of becoming whosoever they want to be. We also want to help out those who are trapped in this vicious circle of filth and want to get out of it but need some motivation and a path to walk on. We want to see this world as a drug free state where drugs are used only and only for medical and scientific purpose and not for personal pleasures. After this society has successfully carried out campaigns, workshops and invited guest lectures, we would like to spread this society firstly in whole of India and finally all over the world. Setting a good example for the societies to come is also one of our missions. Drugs organization is the only organization that kills its best customer. We would like to open up this reality to the people. We know that if we keep on working with the pace with which we started this society, the day is not far when this world will actually become a drug-abuse free world and that is our final dream, destination and mission. Nishant Surroch President ADS(SBSC,DU)
Address: Shaheed Bhagat Singh college Sheikh Sarai Phase 2, Malviya Nagar 110017 New Delhi India
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Areas of interest:
Helping youth who are easy victims of drug abuse to fight back the power of drugs and force it to leave them.
Social Service
Helping the society by striking the very basis of drug abuse.