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Nurture Smart Youth Program Kenya
Description: Equipping the youth in Africa to achieve social-economic empowerment and leadership platforms
Address: 57657 Nairobi 00200 Nairobi Kenya
Services provided:
Criminal justice
Alternative development
Services required:
Alternative development
Areas of interest:
Life Skills Training Program
We take public primary and secondary school learners through life skills, entrepreneurship, leadership and environmental management training program.
Juveniles Skills4Life training program
We empower Juveniles with skills that equip them for life after prison. Usually a six months empowerment program that includes training in life skills, entrepreneurship, leadership and basic environmental management.
Out of School Youth Empowerment
Out of School Youth Empowerment works with two groups of young adults;OUSY 1Those who dropped out of school early before completion due to various reasons such as early pregnancy or drug/ alcohol influences. We take them through life skills, entrepreneurship and psycho-counselling sessions. We then make follow up for those needing special assistance re-uniting them with their families or where need be arrange to go back to school for those interested or link them with technical training colleges.OUSY GradsThese are young adults who are either still in tertiary institutions or have graduated and await to join the job market. They are taken through life skills, entrepreneurship, leadership and Training of Trainers program and encouraged to join our volunteership program in order to acquire employability skills.
Skills Content Development Initiative
We develop content that is used to empower the youth with skills for life. This content is shared through our print and social media platforms with the hope that it will increase funding and income generating opportunities for our youth projects.
ComFaST 4Life Skills
ComFaST is acronym for Community, Family, Students and Teachers. This is a program that goes out to involve the learners together with their parents, teachers and the community to support their effort to become responsible citizens. Learners are encourged to produce anti-drug and alcohol related plays, songs, poetry and artwork displays in a pre-arranged event. Their parents and the community are encouraged to attend the event after which they are sensitized on how to effectively communicate and support the youth in order to bring out the best in them.
Project Accountant
Web Content Assistant
Finance Resource Mobilizer
Content Coordinator
Graphic Designer