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Alternative development
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v to promote the actions of Durable Development within the socio-economic framework allowing the integral realization D E agriculture, fishes, breeding, arts centre, craft industry habitat, rehabilitation of the roads of the ricoles service roads Ag, installation of the vo ies of the natural rivers, telecommunication and environment. v ONG ADAC will also deal with the private teaching approved for the technical training and professional of the young people in the field agricultural, Zootechnie, piscicultural, environmental, data processing, Menuiserie, cut seams, the elimination of illiteracy of the adults, didactic manufacture of the materials and school stationery. v ONG ADAC will still deal with the primary care of health including the sensitizing and popularization of the population on the fight against the endemic VIH/SIDA and other diseases. v Female condition for the emancipation of the woman congolaise and other social works with knowing: L dealt with school of the children given up, girls mothers, orphans, handicapped physical, widowed, and the old men.