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Nierika AC - Multidisciplinary Association for the Preservation of Indigenous Traditions of Sacred Plants
Description: ?To facilitate interdisciplinary dialogues between traditional indigenous doctors, medicine people, keepers of knowledge of the various indigenous peoples who still use these sacred plants, and research scientists from different academic disciplines including: anthropologists, sociologists, psychologists, physicians, psychiatrists, pharmacologistes etc. Thus promoting a conceptual bridge that permits the study of traditional medicine from a scientific perspective and simultaneously allowing elements of traditional indigenous medicine to bring benefits to the patients most in need of effective treatments and contributes to the enrichment of the International Health Systems and human development. ?To enrich international scientific knowledge about the therapeutic potential of the ceremonial use of sacred plants by impulsing and developing clinical research studies in Mexico and other countries, in order to contribute to the development of effective treatments for addictions, depression, anxiety, and PTSD among other mental health challenges. ?To develop culurally adapted treatments that integrate the use of sacred plants and other resources of traditional medicine and modern psychotherapeutic strategies for different mental health challenges for indigenous people of North America. ?To conserve and preserve the ecological habitats where these plants grow and/or where indigenous communities still maintain active traditional medicine practices with sacred plants, and to develop sustainable management plans in collaboration with environmental groups and conservationists as well as appropriate government agencies. ?To promote the creation of a Regulatory Committee for the Use of Sacred Plants to develop the legal architecture that may allow for a more integrated and comprehensive application of sacred plants for humankind, within safe and therapeutic contexts. ?To establish a pilot project for a legitimized clinical program that includes psychotherapy and the use of psychotropic sacred plants within an intercultural medicine paradigm.
Address: Rancho Nierika Paraje Casahuate s/n San Ambrosio Chalmita Ocuilan Estado de Mexico 52483 Chalmita Mexico
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Alternative development
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Multidisciplinary Study and Preservation of Sacred Plants and Traditions
Scientific research into the therapeutic potential of the structured use of psychotropic plants and psychedelic substances found in nature within intercultural medicinal contexts. Sustainable development of culture and preservation of territory related to Sacred Plant or psychotropic plant knowledge. Education and institutional cooperation to develop comprehensive drug policies based on human rights and scientific evidence that can preserve indigenous knowledge of sacred plants.
Director of Research and Treatment