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Drug Policy Network South East Europe
Description: The Mission of the Drug Policy Network South East Europe is adoption of more humane and effective drug policies in SEE. The Drug Policy Network South East Europe aims to promote objective and open debate on the effectiveness, direction and content of the national, regional and international drug policy and to advance constructive recommendations for policy makers. The Network strives to achieve the Mission through the following activities: - Creating channels and advocacy tools for the Network members and building their capacity to better engage with and influence the policy making processes of national governments, regional and international agencies - Facilitating communication and co?operation between civil society stakeholders and supporting collaborative activities/endeavours - Producing and disseminating information and analysis to highlight the shortcomings of the current drug control system with its strong law enforcement?dominated approaches and promote a public health and human rights based approach in the SEE region
Address: Pregrevica 35 11080 Belgrade Serbia
Services provided:
Alternative development
Services required:
Areas of interest:
National, regional and international drug policies and programmes
Promotion and advocacy for drug policies and drug legislation based on a public health, harm reduction, social inclusion and human rights approach.Common reactions and comments on drug policy developments in South East Europe and submitting proposals on drug policy issues to the relevant authorities in order to improve existing drug legislation, drug strategies and drug action plans.Production, publishing and dissemination of information, books and other kinds of publications about drug policy in the region of South East Europe, at national, European and international level.
Transparent and open policymaking processes
Promoting objective and open dialogue at national, regional, European and international level and support to a human rights and public health approach.Coordinating common reactions and comments on drug policy developments in South East Europe in order to achieve coherent, consistent, evidence based and effective drug policy for the benefit of persons affected by drugs and other vulnerable groups, paying special attention to women, children, youth, prisoners and people in detention.Developing close and constructive relationships through open and objective dialogue with experts, key policy makers in national governments, regional bodies, European and international organisations.Improving channels and advocacy tools for the members of the Network, organising public campaigns and events and building up their capacity to better engage with and influence drug policy-making processes.
Sustainability of treatment, rehabilitation, harm reduction and social integration services
Active participation in regional and national projects.Supporting harm reduction services provided by the member organisations.Supporting actions which lead towards ensuring that mechanisms for state support to services are in place.Supporting member organisations in their efforts to accredit their services.Promoting public health measures which ensure non-discrimination. Involvement in early warning system for new psychoactive substances.
Executive Director
posted by Drug Policy Network South East Europe on 2020-08-05 13:46:57
DPNSEE organises the Donor conference for vulnerable populations In South East Europe. The aim of the Conference is to present the needs and potential projects of vulnerable populations in South East Europe and establish better communication, coordination and cooperation between service providers and public and private funding programmes. The Conference will strengthen cooperative ties between potential project implementers from different sectors, increase knowledge of available public and private funding sources and improve strategic coordination between project ideas and funding structures. The Conference will be held on Thursday 6 August 2020 starting at 13:00 CET (14:00 EEST) via Zoom at the following link For more infomation, please download the document attached or visit