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IOGT Denmark
Description: IOGT Denmark is a voluntary organisation working against alcohol and drug abuse. We are independent of religious, political and commercial interests. We offer help to all people no matter their social, religious, ethnic or political background. The objective for IOGT Denmark is to work towards a society, which is free and that gives its citizens the opportunity to reach a more meaningful life. As a way of reaching this objective IOGT Denmark works to promote a lifestyle free of alcohol and other drugs.
Address: Ragnhildsvej 2 5700 Svendborg Denmark
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We offer help to people addicted to alcohol and their relatives by means of counseling, activities, conversations and courses. We consider alcohol problems to be connected with social psychology or in other terms connected to behavior and lifestyle and our counseling is based upon cognitive behavioral therapy (kognitive-systemiske metode). Since the effects of an alcohol abuse are wide-spread, we try to include the whole family and even friends/colleagues in a counseling course. Our counseling is goal-oriented, effective and adjusted to the individual/family. All offers are free of charges and we operate with unlimited time frame.
President of IOGT Denmark