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Moroccan Association for Listening and Dialog
Description: Moroccan Association of listening and dialog aims to: Fight against drugs inside schools by creating observatories of listening and dialog; Propagate listening and dialog culture within different educational institutions between students in one hand and educational activists and parents in another hand, in order to support the enrollment and participate in improving the quality of education and instruction. Support the learning of students by helping them to overcome the psychological, social and pedagogical obstacles through listening and communicating with them and contribute in guiding them.
Address: Al Hamd Residence, Building 8, Apt 4 Rabat Morocco
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General Secretary
posted by Moroccan Association for Listening and Dialog on 2016-05-29 21:32:35
Our psychiatrists organise seminar to the benefit of the coaches of listening centers, in order to teach them how to treat students in depressive cases and addicted to drugs.
posted by Moroccan Association for Listening and Dialog on 2016-05-29 21:32:35
Through a training launched in the last year, from which parents have benefited, we found that they were often confused and did not know what approach to adopt in order to educate of their children. The parents, especially fathers, opt for traditional methods, including the violence, rather than the dialog, to raise their children, which leads to conflicts between the parents and their children, especially in the first phase of adolescence.