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IOGT Germany
Description: IOGT Germany is a human rights based non-profit organization working for temperance, brotherhood and peace. In more than 500 support groups people affected by alcohol and other drugs find and spend mutual help.
Address: Adenauerallee 45 20097 Hamburg Germany
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Areas of interest:
Development and improvement of mutual-help approaches eg. early intervention, motivational interviewing, group dynamics.
Sober lifestyle
People suffering from addiction need to live a sober lifestyle, But there are more areas in society whre sobriety is required: during pregnancy and stilltime, at work, in traffic, at places for children and youth and at big events gathering masses of people. And last but not least: the myths of positive aspects of consumption of psychotropic substances have to be exposed, since they are promoted by economic interests. Brief, a sober lifestyle is not only good for health, but it's also the natural one. The real high comes from inside!
Alcohol policy
Big Alcohol's interest is to keep up the myths about alleged positive aspects of drinking. Confronted with the socio-economic burden of alcohol-related diseases Big Alcohol agrees to run so-called responsibility campaigns to prevent heavy drinking ? which (are meant to) show no effect. The three best buys of reducing alcohol-related harm are pricing and taxation, restriction of availability and limitation of advertising and marketing. IOGT Germany supports all health oriented and evidence based alcohol policiy measures.
Harm to third parties (CoA)
IOGT Germany knows since its foundation in 1889 about the trouble, children have to go through when they live in a family burdened by alcohol or other drug problems. Not only the annual amount of babies born with fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is a preventable disaster, but also the social, pychological and physical harm to about 9 million children in EU living with a heavy drinking parent is a topic IOGT Germany wants to focus the public opinion upon.
Secretary general