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Movendi International
Description: Our vision is a life for all human beings free to live up to their fullest potential, and free from harm caused by alcohol and other drugs. It?s a world of peace, democracy and justice where free and healthy citizens actively contribute in all levels of society.We?re a global social movement of 129 Member Organizations in 55 countries who take Human Rights seriously, so seriously that we dedicate with our daily lifestyle choices to building a world of peace, justice and democracy where human rights are enjoyed by all.
Address: BOX 12825 11150 Stockholm Sweden
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Criminal justice
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In IOGT International we have an integrated and comprehensive approach to prevention and health promotion. We believe that health and well being are not only about the state of the physical body, but also about the mind and soul. Connectedness and togetherness play a role. Therefore, we conduct prevention and health promotion not only through talking about health, but also through arranging parties and building capacity for active citizenship.On the intersection between a healthy lifestyle and a lifestyle of civi participation, that?s where IOGT International is located with our innovative approach to prevention and health promotion.We are a global social movement for the prevention of harm caused by alcohol and other drugs. We have developed one of the world?s most innovative prevention approach and are deeply committed in our grass-roots efforts to the UNODC International Standards for Drug Use Prevention: "Prevention strategies based on scientific evidence working with families, schools, and communities can ensure that children and youth, especially the most marginalized and poor, grow and stay healthy and safe into adulthood and old age. For every dollar spent on prevention, at least ten can be saved in future health, social and crime costs." In this spirit and context, we foster the development, exchange and the dissemination of innovative and evidence-based prevention approaches that harness the potential of every single participant, that support families, strengthen communities and that help develop societies.
Treatment, Rehabilitation, Social Work
We promote the lifestyle of the 21st century and empower people to live a richer and freer, happier and healthier life. Overcoming substance use disorders and addiction, recovery and rehabilitation from substance use problems and getting a second, third? chance in life is what our members care deeply about and work heart-driven to provide for affected people in their communities.IOGT International highlights and re-emphasizes the moral imperative for society to invest in treatment and rehabilitation and support people with substance use disorders on their way back to a healthy life and back into society. These efforts are important for the addicts themselves but also for their environments, their closest family and relatives, colleagues and co-workers, and friends. Evidence-based treatment and rehabilitation measures can thus unfold a preventive effect, for example considering children of alcoholics.Rehabilitation work by IOGT organisations takes place in a non-statutory setting and takes into account the social, cultural, religious and political environment of the respective country. In IOGT we recognise that substance use disorder are particularly gender and culture specific.Rehabilitation work undertaken by IOGT organisations is carried out by committed and trained volunteers and professionals. We work heart-driven to end stigma and to create a society where anyone who needs help for substance use problems can get it.Rehabilitation is an overall term for a number of different approaches in different countries designed to help anyone who is addicted to alcohol and other drugs. These are, for example, specialised hospitals for inpatient treatment for alcohol- and illicit drug-dependent men and women. There are advisory bodies with professional staff and/or volunteers who work regular office hours. There are aftercare facilities where people are cared for to empower them to overcome dependence and to prepare people for reintegration into society.There are telephone help-lines for people with addiction problems and their families, normally run around the clock, to provide a first contact to start recovery.Above all, there are support and self-help groups where people meet others with similar problems, where they can help each other to strengthen their personal possibilities. Here, the Family Clubs, which operate in many countries under the umbrella of IOGT, are a special form of this type of group work.
With over 165 years worth of advocacy experience, IOGT International is the voice for comprehensive and sustainable policy solutions concerning current and complex health, development, Human Rights and economic issues.We work hand in hand with decision-makers and opinion leaders on all levels and around the world. Together we facilitate transformative change and drive sustainable solutions to some of the world?s most most pressing challenges.IOGT International is the largest worldwide community of NGOs dealing with both narcotic drugs and alcohol policy advocacy on all levels. IOGT International is uniquely positioned to advocate on the highest levels of decision-making processes and at the same time to mobilize, through our Member Organizations, local communities and grass roots efforts at the same time.Alcohol policy advocacyIOGT International stands for a comprehensive and integrated approach to alcohol policy making. We call it:AiAP ? Alcohol in All Policies ? for the full potential of alcohol policy measures.This comprehensive and integrated approach will effectively and sustainably prevent and reduce the magnitude of alcohol harm on local, national, regional and global level.The AiAP approach is rooted in the understanding that addressing the implications of alcohol harm does reap substantial benefits across many different sectors of society. AiAP means to mainstream alcohol policy into all relevant policy areas.It is a strategic approach to public policy making across sectors that systematically highlights and addresses the alcohol harm implications of public policy decisions.AiAP is rooted in a Human Rights-based approach and the fact that harm caused by alcohol often jeopardizes fundamental rights.Narcotic Drugs policy advocacyIOGT International stands for a comprehensive and integrated approach to narcotic drugs policy making. Our advocacy starts from a Child Rights-centered approach because we believe that the prevention of drug-related harm is a fundamental right and a core duty of any government.
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