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People Social Relation & Women Help Organization
Description: Our mission is to work for the recognition and enforcement of economic and social rights as a powerful tool for promoting social justice and human dignity. PSRWHO exposes violations of economic and social rights through an interdisciplinary combination of legal and socioeconomic research and analysis. Together with civil society groups around the Afghanistan, PSRWHO advocates for changes to economic and social policy at the national and local levels so as to ensure these comply with international human rights standards.
Address: District 12 Suite 5 Street 9 H85 1005 Kabul Afghanistan
Services provided:
Alternative development
Services required:
Areas of interest:
Thematic Area
Formal Education;Non-formal Education i.e. Community/Home Schools/Adult Literacy, Agriculture, Catch-up Education, accelerating learning, legal education and Peace Education;Teacher Training and capacity buildingVocational Education and Training (VET) / Skill Training;Micro and small entrepreneurship promotion & development;Conflict Resolution and Peace BuildingAccess to JusticeElimination of violence against womenAnticorruptionHuman Rights/Women Rights/Child RightsCSOs Capacity Building
Promote peaceful coexistence in Afghanistan
Increase advocacy initiatives to promote peace in society Increase role of CSOs in Peace building and Conflict Resolution Improve engagement of Government in Policy Reforming
Increase access to Capacity Building for Afghan people through Programmatic Expansion.
Increase access to facilitating Afghan youth to acquire higher education.Expanding the re-granting of CSOs (Civil Society Organizations) programs.Provide technical assistance to building the capacity of CSOs.Expanding the provision of vocational trainings to vulnerable Afghans to improve income generation activities.