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TB/HIV Care Association
Cape Town
Description: THCA advocates for social justice and the promotion of health as a human right. The vision of the organization is to be a leader in empowering communities and defending the rights of marginalised populations, with a focus on TB and HIV. Since 2012, THCA has focused on improving the rights and health of people who use drugs (PWUD).
Address: 8th Floor ABSA House St Georges Mall, Cape Town 8001 Cape Town South Africa
Services provided:
Criminal justice
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Areas of interest:
People who use drugs (PWUD)
PWUD, who are identified as a key population in South Africaâ??s National Strategic Plan, are often excluded from society due to legal frameworks, discrimination and stigmatisation. These prejudices are deeply engrained in drug policy on a national and international level. This results in human rights abuses such as hate speech, unjust detention, violence, access to healthcare and harm reduction, denial of employment and violation of bodily integrity. TB/HIV Care Association provides harm reductions services via mobile clinics and drop in centres for PWUD. We also advocate for policy changes and drug user rights. Our human rights project records the number and types of human rights abuses suffered bu services users.We conduct research to promote effective policy and are supporting the development of PWUD networks.TB/HIV Care is working with academic institutions and health structures to implement opioid substitution therapy in the public sector by demonstrating the effectiveness and viability of low-threshold methadone and buprenorphine programs through public/private partnership.
TB and HIV
Our aim is to improve TB and HIV management by increasing access to TB and HIV diagnosis, care, treatment and community-based treatment adherence support.TB/HIV Careâ??s integrated approach to addressing both TB and HIV issues has made the organisation a pioneer in implementing a comprehensive system of support for TB and HIV clients.Our mission is to empower and care for communities by supporting primary health care services to: Prevent TB, HIV and other major diseasesImprove diagnosis, treatment, care and adherence support for people infected and affected by TB, HIV and other major diseasesBuild the capacity of individuals and organisations to provide optimal comprehensive primary health care including TB and HIV servicesParticipate in operational research, monitoring and evaluation to improve comprehensive primary health care
Sex Workers
Since the overwhelming majority of HIV infections are sexually transmitted, sex workers and their clients are at heightened risk of HIV, usually because of a larger number of sexual partners. However surveys indicate that sex workers have inadequate access to HIV prevention services, and it is believed that they find it even more difficult to access appropriate treatment, care and support. This project, undertaken in partnership with Lifeline Durban and the Sex Worker Education and Advocacy Taskforce (SWEAT), recognizes that health is a human right. The project has a twofold strategy to address sex workersâ?? lack of access to health care. Specialized, client-centered services targeting sex workers are provided in mobile wellness clinics which take HIV counseling and testing, screening for TB and sexually-transmitted infections, and other services onto the streets and into the places where sex workers can easily access them. In addition, the project works to sensitize existing health care workers and systems to the needs and rights of sex workers so that those who are referred for further diagnosis and treatment are provided with the support they need in a nonjudgmental environment. Sex worker peer educators work with health facilities and community care workers to trace patients, start them on life saving treatment and support them in care.
Correctional Services
As well as providing HIV counselling and testing and screening for TB and sexually-transmitted infections (STIs) in correctional service facilities around South Africa, TB/HIV Care Association also offers specialised TB and HIV support services to certain facilities. TB/HIV Care will assist the Department of Correctional Services staff with tracing the medical records of offenders who are admitted to a correctional services facility. This can be a time-consuming process as offenders may give incorrect names or details or lie about being on treatment. TB/HIV Care also assists with conducting mass sputum testing for TB in correctional services facilities; an important function in preventing the spread of TB as prisoners have been recognised as one of the populations most at risk of both TB and HIV. TB/HIV Care has undergone a quality control procedure and is a certified service provider for the Department of Correctional Services in the Western Cape.
Projects, Policy, Advocacy & Human Rights Manager