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National Anti-Drug Union
Description: The NAS mission is to popularize a healthy lifestyle through helping people suffering from various forms of chemical dependence; Assistance to the population, the professional community and the state in the organization of the rehabilitation and re-socialization market. Support and promotion of drug free programs in the world community.Main activities of NASThe National Anti-Drug Union (NAS) was formed in December 2013 during the work of the all-Russian anti-drug congress. The main vectors of the NAS work were: informing citizens about modern methods of social rehabilitation of alcohol and drug addicts; Assistance to young people who have successfully undergone rehabilitation from drug or alcohol dependence, in obtaining education, acquiring a profession and finding a job; Creation of an effective multi-level drug prevention system; Participation in lawmaking and government projects in the field of combating drug addiction, popularizing and bringing to the attention of a wide Russian and foreign audience a line of complete abandonment of narcotic drugs ("drug-free") in the treatment of drug-dependent patients. One of the priorities of the National Anti-Drug Union is the expert support of rehabilitation centers (RCs) and their associations with a view to ensuring security, respect for individual rights and improving the quality of non-state rehabilitation centers.
Address: Bagrationovsky Drive, Building 7, Suite 20A 121087 Moscow Russia
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Chairman of the National Anti-Drug Union
posted by National Anti-Drug Union on 2018-06-20 22:30:38
WE invite everyone to visit our anti-drug camp. All information on our site is