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The Interest Organization for Substance Misusers
Oslo sentrum
Description: Our mission is to influence policies and professional services so that all people with substance misuse challenges can receive diverse and individually differentiated services for social reintegration.
Address: Kongens Gate 2 0153 Oslo sentrum Norway
Services provided:
Services required:
Areas of interest:
Civil Society
RIO is an active stakeholder in the field of civil society in Norway
Harm Reduction
RIO is interested in harm reduction, and works to have all harm reduction services integrated with recovery-oriented services.
Recovery is at the centerpiece of our organizations view on all different interventions when it comes to drug problems. Change is possible. Recovery is possible.
Opiate Replacement Therapy
Therapeutic Communities
Drug policy reform
We are increasingly worried about policy-practices on open drug scenes where people with substance addiction problems are expelled from public spaces and fined harshly for posession and use of illicit drugs.Also, RIO supports decriminalization.