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Association of Students Against Drug Abuse and Trafficking (SADAT)
Description: Acquiring correct information about drug abuse and trafficking, human trafficking, and HIV/AIDS, and applying it to ourselves, our peers and parents, for the primary prevention of drug abuse, the prevention of crime, and the reduction of HIV/AIDS infection and aggravation especially among students.
Address: St. Mary's High School, Lobamba P.O. Box 4917, Manzini M200 Manzini Swaziland
Services provided:
Services required:
Areas of interest:
Advice, Counselling, Information, Mobilization, Motivational talks, Research, Training.
Advice We give advice to parents, teachers and students about parenting skills, prevention of drug abuse, and study methods. Counselling We assist people with problems (especially in relation to substance abuse) find solutions to their problems and those on drugs to opt to quit. We help those that want to quit drugs with tools to do so. Information We provide information about drug abuse to researchers / scholars, schools, NGOs and government. Mobilization We organize people, resources and events to create awareness about drug abuse, HIV/AIDS, and crime. We establish branches in schools. We assist government and other organizations to reach out to school children. Motivational talks We make presentations at schools and other authorized places on topical issues. Research We carry out research about drug abuse. We also assist researchers. Training We run workshops, seminars and classroom sessions about drug abuse, HIV/AIDS, and a wide range of issues.