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Uganda Youth Development Link
Description: Has been in existence since 1993. Implements programs in 3 Districts with 7 drop in centers and a rehabilitation Centre. Has 72 Staff. 1529 young people daily receive psycho social Support services.
Address: Sir apolo Kagwa Road , Bifro House, 2nd floor P.o box 12659 kampala Kampala Uganda
Services provided:
Alternative development
Services required:
Criminal justice
Areas of interest:
Child rights protection
Child trafficking, Commecial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Child Labour
HIV prevention among high risk groups of children and youth.
Peer to peer support networks for Referrals and linkages to services and information
Alcohol and substance Abuse prevention.
Adolescent sexual and reproductive health.
Partnerships with public and private sectors to link and refer young people to services and information, Youth friendly services at UYDEL drop-in centres, Community outreach services and social mobilisation of communities for services and information
Vocational skills training.
Business and Entreprenuership skills building, Business mentorship and guidance, Internship placement, Partnerships with formal and informal job market sectors for job placement, internship and mentorship of young people, career guidance and mentorship, Follow up and certification
Income generating activities.
Deputy Executive Director
Executive Director
posted by Uganda Youth Development Link on 1970-01-01 01:33:36
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