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Asociación Patim
Castello de la Plana / Valencia / Spain
Description: Patim is a professional response to the phenomenon of addictions and social exclusion. As an entity it began to work in 1985. Patim specializes in intervention and integration in addictions and other behaviors.
Address: Ribalta 29 12001 Castello de la Plana / Valencia / Spain Spain
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Asociación Patim
Patim es una respuesta profesional al fenómeno de las adicciones y la exclusión social. Centrándose en adicciones, comportamientos e integración, tanto a nivel preventivo como de ejecución de acciones y tratamientos. Un modelo que no pretende ser único. Su denominación actual procede del acrónimo PATIM, en el se sintetizan los cinco campos en los que esta entidad comenzó a trabajar en 1985. Algunos de ellos han evolucionado, adaptándose a las nuevas pautas del consumo, comportamiento y a su tratamiento.
posted by Asociación Patim on 2021-07-15 09:03:06
The AEF claims for a law about patronage wich "preserves social confidence and the sector reputation".

The Spanish association of patronage president, Javier Naval, has asked for a law of patronage in order to "keep the social confidance and the secter prestige". Naval has exposed his arguments in an encounter whith third sector representants and parliamentary groups.

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posted by Asociación Patim on 2021-07-07 13:43:29
A group of patients of our therapeutical community, have been teached, during 2 months, to become AIDS healt agents.

The goal of the course is to prepare and prevent people against AIDS and veneral desseses.

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posted by Asociación Patim on 2021-06-28 11:13:19
The results achived in the 2020 annual report, confirms that some gender barriers are being broken.

At least, one of four people attended in our services is a woman (26%). That reveals an increase, about the 4,81% more than the previous year.

If we talk about age, 18 years is the intake start for people in all of our resources. Nevertheless, women in day center, confirms that they starts intaking at 25 years.

All in all, cocaine is the substance of abuse wich make more people come to Patim looking treatment.

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posted by Asociación Patim on 2021-06-10 10:21:07
The pandemic has conditioned the treatment of the people of our resources, as we could see in the “Los Granados” therapeutic community.

The lockdown stablished by our goverment made us to adapt every single individual programm and the expectations of our residents.

In many cases, this extra duration has been incorporated as an extra program goal. As a result of this issues, the average stimated program time has been increased compared with the previous year (5 months in 2019). This is an important datum if we consider the difficulties to keep those people in our resources without their needed therapeutical outgoing.

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posted by Asociación Patim on 2021-06-10 10:01:47

Patim's third Equality Plan is moving forward. In order to achieve the right development of the different areas that compose it, a work team have received specific training on the new legislative aspects. As a first step, they analyzed the evolution of the previous document born in 2019 and explored new scenarios by the definition of different objectives and measures to be taken.

"Plans are an instrument that can facilitate the development of organizations and human teams" assures Antonio Beltrán, lawyer and organizational psychologist certified as an equality agent, who is guiding the construction of this Plan.

posted by Asociación Patim on 2021-04-12 12:58:15
The Generalitat Valenciana has just renewed the certification of the "Los Granados therapeutic community" as a health service. An essential accreditation to be able to develop in this center both health care for drug addicts and general health psychology interventions.

The therapeutic community of Patim has been registered in the Autonomous Registry since 2003 as a specialized health service that is integrated into a non-health organization. In the last year marked by COVID, it has treated 52 people.

posted by Asociación Patim on 2021-03-22 13:09:48
Asociación Patim