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Association Ne-ovisnost
Osijek / Osjecko-Baranjska / Croatia
Description: An association combating addiction, Ne-ovisnost („No-dependence or Non Addiction“) has been founded in 2003 through the initiative of rehabilitated addicts. Association Ne-ovisnost deals with all forms of the fight against addiction. Through its activities the Association treats drug addiction and substance abuse, alcohol and gambling / betting addiction. Since the beginning, Association Ne-ovisnost made the journey from a group of enthusiasts with an idea to a significant and recognized social entity. Mission As a socially and professionally recognized factor, association will influence on the decrease of addiction phenomena through prevention, rehabilitation, resocialization, harm reduction program and employment.
Address: Europska avenija 8/I 31 000 Osijek / Osjecko-Baranjska / Croatia Croatia
Services provided:
Harm reduction
Services required:
posted by Association Ne-ovisnost on 2021-03-16 09:52:31
Association Ne-ovisnost