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Herschel Baker
Maleny / Queensland / Australia
Address: Unit 30 23 Macadamia Drive 4552 Maleny / Queensland / Australia Australia
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Criminal justice
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Drug Free Australia
posted by Herschel Baker on 2020-09-24 00:39:57
Periodically there are court cases where the defence for persons who were highly intoxicated by alcohol or illicit drugs, or both, and allegedly committed murder, is that they were unable to form an intention to murder. On face value this can be easily accepted. However, in my view it begs further examination in the cause of justice, especially for the victim's family. What is not mentioned as coming under consideration in the many reports I have read is that a person has a responsibility before the law not to self-cause their inability to know right from wrong by breaking a law - e.g. public drunkenness, and also not to self-cause their ability to deviate from the social norm - i.e. holding an intent not to murder - again by breaking a law.

Kind Regards

Herschel Baker

International Liaison Director,

• Queensland Director

Drug Free Australia

• 0412988835


Don't Promote Drug Use.

posted by Herschel Baker on 2020-09-24 00:36:21
Herschel Baker