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Autonomous Non-Profit Organization "Smart Solutions Integration Agency"
Moscow / Moscow / Russia
Description: Strategic, information, PR and legal support to NGOs and small business entities dealing with addiction issues
Address: Academika Korolyova Street 13 Room 12 CH 129515 Moscow / Moscow / Russia Russia
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International Cooperation
We are open to international experience and best practice exchange and willing to initiate and participate in expert discussions on addiction , rehabilitation and recovery issues.
Rehabilitation Quality & Safety Standards
We are promoting introduction of adequate & scientifically justified national standards of drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation & recovery treatment in Russia, based on international best practice and governed by respect for human rights.
Quality Education for Drug Addiction Experts
We aim to contribute to expanding educational and training opportunities for drug addiction experts working at rehabs, acknowledging their crucial role in supporting and motivating residents in their journey towards sobriety.
Executive Director
Dear VNGOC Marketplace members!

We are happy to inform you that on August 21 the Smart Solutions Integration Agency hosted an expert discussion on drug use among elderly people for Russia’s leading drug abuse prevention medical experts and NGOs specializing in elderly social support programs. We included key discussion outcomes into our written statement submitted to INCB prior to its 128th session.

Our submission highlights the need to expand the INCB discussion and explore the issues of excessive use of over-the-counter medicine (OTC) to treat insomnia and anxiety, recreational drug use among older persons, ethics of OTC drugs’ marketing to elderly consumers. Furthermore, we suggest countries should consolidate available data and statistics related to benzodiazepines and OTC drugs misuse among older people in order to determine the magnitude of the problem.

As always, we are open to questions and inputs from the VNGOC Marketplace community!

?onsultative information and legal support to national, regional, international NGOs and small business entities dealing with addiction issues
Autonomous Non-Profit Organization "Integration Agency for Smart Solutions"